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How You Successfully Implement BIM In Your Organization

Implementing BIM and transforming a whole organization can be overwhelming and frustrating.

We’ve been there, and done that. And truth be told - it never becomes easy. It’s challenging every time. But trust us, with the Implementation Framework, it becomes as easy as it will ever be.

Last year, we coached executives and senior managers around the world to successfully implement their strategic projects.

In our webinar series we had participants from around the world 🌎: #japan #newzealand #australia #indonesia #malaysia #india #norway #sweden #denmark #uk #germany #switzerland #france #italy #usa #canada #mexico #chile #argentina #colombia #peru #brazil

Our coaching program is for you if you want to...

  • Develop a strategy that creates operational and strategic impact.
  • Position your project as a key strategic initiative.
  • Develop a high-performing team.
  • Overcome stagnation and resistance.
  • Successfully Implement The Strategic Projects You Are Working On.

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3 Steps To Successfully Implement BIM

Over the years, we have completed many successful strategic projects. We have worked with many people and we have transformed many organizations. Every time when we finished a project, we retraced our steps and analyzed every detail of the project.
And over time we create a template for successful projects, the Implementation Framework.
The Implementation Framework is a collection of different tools and methods that we have gathered over time. We have used these methods and tools in our daily practice and adapted them to our needs. We have put these different puzzle bits together and developed a functional system that allows us to replicate very good results.
The Implementation Framework consists of 3 phases that must be completed sequentially. The tools and methods build logically on each other and require the previous steps to have already been completed before moving on to the next. Therefore, we recommend running through the steps in the described order.



In the first phase of the Implementation Framework, it is about defining a strategic initiative that is creating strategic impact and ROI. This strategic initiative needs to be anchored in the corporate strategy, aligned with other ongoing initiatives, and fully planned. The first phase is completed when management's commitment is ensured.

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In the second phase, a powerful team is put together, the processes are developed and integrated with the technology. The first project will be started. The aim is to write the first success story. Version 1.0 is developed through iterative CIP cycles and intensive work. The second phase is completed when the first project is successfully completed.

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In the third phase, the focus is mainly on working with individuals. The organization is introduced to change and transformed step by step. Selected projects are carried out and version 2.0 is developed. Successes, experiences and a lot of knowledge are shared with the organization through the use of storytelling and informal social networks.

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About Rettberg Consulting

Rettberg Consulting is a digital consultancy based in Norway and Germany. We help players in the AEC industry (e.g. construction companies and manufacturers) to implement Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Lean Construction Methodology (LEAN).

Digital Consulting - Our Digital DNA

We have focused on digitization of our consulting services from the very beginning.

"Due to our geographical expansion in Scandinavia and throughout the German-speaking markets, it has been our goal from the very beginning to digitally map the entire consulting process, from initial customer contact to invoicing.", Mark-Felix Rettberg

Digitized consulting has therefore become a central part of our DNA.

  • Digital Communication And Video Calls
  • Digital Self-Service
  • Digital Assignments And Expert Reviews
  • Group Calls, Webinars and Virtual Workshops
  • Implementation Frameworker Community

About Mark

Mark is an internationally renowned BIM strategist and LEAN expert, keynote speaker and change enthusiast. He supports companies in the AEC industry around the world to implement BIM and Lean. He coined the term 'BIM strategist' and developed the Implementation Framework. His focus is on Strategy Development and Organisational Change.

In 2016 Mark founded Rettberg Consulting. Since then he coaches executives and senior managers to achieve their strategic and operational goals. For more information, please visit his profile on LinkedIn.

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On the scheduled date, we will meet virtually in a Zoom-call. We will analyze your current situation together in that video call, answer your questions and work out a step-by-step plan to get you to your goal in the shortest way.